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This is a reminder to those of you who are interested - National Public
Lands Day is this Saturday Sept. 18. We will be doing a couple of
simultaneous projects out in the Glade Run Recreation Area just north of
Lions Wilderness Park (picking up trash, installing metal signs on
pre-installed sign posts, moving tree slash to block off illegal trails in
the area, and pounding in carsonite posts).

If you are interested, meet at Lions Wilderness Park at 9 am for sign-in
and grab a drink of water. Then we'll head a mile up the road to where the
pavement ends and commence to work. Around noon we'll go back to the
Amphitheatre and have a bite to eat, hand out T-shirts etc.

For those of you that have already committed to show up - Thanks! We will
be working out in the brush so please dress appropriately. Bring gloves if
you have them. We will have water for folks to drink but if you want to
carry your own, feel free to.

There is still time to sign up so if you know of anyone else who might be
interested have them call Bill Papich at 599-6324 or send me an email....
or just show up sat. morning. Looking forward to seeing you Saturday!!

Jackie Neckels
Wilderness and Recreation Planner
BLM Farmington Field Office
505 599-6323
[email protected]
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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