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Ford 6.0 blown head gasket

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Cliffs: Truck blew head gaskets, I ordered a kit to replace gaskets, ARP studs and egr delete. Finally got everything installed, truck took forever to get started, and it is smoking(white/blue) really bad. I only ran it a minute or so, could it be water in the exhaust that is burning up? I called the only diesel mechanic in town other than the dealer to see if he would take a look at it. He said that since I did the egr delete kit, he legally could not touch my truck, wtf? He also said that without the egr, I would burn-up valves and head gaskets more, again wtf? What says the PBB?

un-abreviated story: In September I was headed back to Wyoming from the Dakota Territory Challenge in South Dakota, pulling my camper and my Jeep. The Jeep and camper weigh about 12,000 lbs and the Black Hills are only about 90 miles away. I was about 75 miles into the trip when I noticed my temp gauge was pegged, I pulled off the road and a big puff of white smoke came out the exhaust. I opened the hood and there was coolant everywhere. I called a friend with a lowboy to come and tow my truck home, when he got there I refilled the puke tank and tried to start the truck, but it was hydra-locked. Apparently the anti-freeze blew out the top of the degas tank, indicating head gaskets. I ordered ARP studs, gaskets, oil cooler, and a SCT tuner. I have not been able to work on it until this weekend do to work schedule. I got everything installed, and it took literally several battery drains and recharges to get it to fire up, and it smokes like crazy. I am hoping that it is just water in the exhaust that is burning out.

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Do you have a boost gauge? Its common to not get the Turbo clamp seated correctly which will give loss of power and a hissing noise
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