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Just wanting to see if anyone has ever heard of this or has any ideas on the issue.

Truck is a 2012 F250 powerstroke. 160k. Deleted.

Anyway, running down the highway, dragging 2 jeeps. Truck just shut down. No warning that I noticed. Did a little roadside diagnosis, no fuel out of the separator. Lift pump wouldn't run. Via some good friends, got it on a trailer and got it home. Not much I could do on the side of the highway.

So I figured it needed a lift pump. It was a crank, no start. Hooked up the scanner. No codes, which I found odd. So I commanded the lift pump with the scanner. Pump kicked right on, primed the system and the truck started.

That was 2 weeks ago, truck has been ran everyday since and not one hiccup. So it leaves me wondering what the hell. Why would it not run the lift pump? I'm honestly afraid to take it too far from home.

Anyone seen this on a 6.7. My only guess would be the lift pump is dying. I seem to remember reading somewhere they will shut down if the lift pump pressure gets below a certain pressure, but I might be imagining that.

Any help appreciated. Any ford techs out there?
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