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Ford 60-2 60-3 axle question

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Looking at buying a D60 from a 60s F100. I was under the impression is was a D60 center with 9" outers. The diff is centered and 5x5.5. Perfect since it was ~60.5" WMS and I could swap out to 1.5" 35 spline shafts. Run 8.8 disc brakes. I do not want a 9" center. Plan is to narrow a 99-04 SD60 to 29.5 spring perch width or 61" WMS. Convert to 6x5.5

The ring gear was dated 10-1-65.

I came across this thread saying:

1/2 ton Dana 60 - Ford Truck Enthusiasts Forums

Optional for F100's: Dana 60.2 = 1963/66 F100 / Dana 60.3 = 1966/69 F100. Both have Limited Slip, but neither is a Dana 60 as they were only installed in F250's.

Dana 60.3 available ratios: 3.54-1 & 4.10-1. 1966/67's use different axle shafts than 1968/69's, but both have 30 spline axleshafts.

The only 1968/72 F100's that came with 31 spline axleshafts: Optional 9" H/D with a 9 3/8" ring gear & 4 pinion Traction-Lok.
ring & pinion....same
diff bearings.....same.
pinion brgs.......same.
yoke (flange)...different.
clutch pack kit....same.
Note,the 60.3 lists a gasket,axle bearing,bearing retainer,and seal like a 9". The 60.2 does not.
Then Dutchman website order form (below) lists the S7 bearing which is mopar 8 3/4" from what i can tell. Can't imagine why that would be spec for a ford.

Also below is the actual bearing end. Which doesn't seem to match anything on the following chart.

Mr. N chart doesn't even list a 65-66 rear D60.

So in conclusion... anyone KNOW what bearing end that is?
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Save yourself the hassle and forget about that odd ball axle.

Buy a cheap full float 30 spline 60, cut the tubes and weld these on.


Then use rear Isuzu rotors and calipers, much better than drum in hat e brakes Imo.
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