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Ford 60-2 60-3 axle question

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Looking at buying a D60 from a 60s F100. I was under the impression is was a D60 center with 9" outers. The diff is centered and 5x5.5. Perfect since it was ~60.5" WMS and I could swap out to 1.5" 35 spline shafts. Run 8.8 disc brakes. I do not want a 9" center. Plan is to narrow a 99-04 SD60 to 29.5 spring perch width or 61" WMS. Convert to 6x5.5

The ring gear was dated 10-1-65.

I came across this thread saying:

1/2 ton Dana 60 - Ford Truck Enthusiasts Forums

Optional for F100's: Dana 60.2 = 1963/66 F100 / Dana 60.3 = 1966/69 F100. Both have Limited Slip, but neither is a Dana 60 as they were only installed in F250's.

Dana 60.3 available ratios: 3.54-1 & 4.10-1. 1966/67's use different axle shafts than 1968/69's, but both have 30 spline axleshafts.

The only 1968/72 F100's that came with 31 spline axleshafts: Optional 9" H/D with a 9 3/8" ring gear & 4 pinion Traction-Lok.
ring & pinion....same
diff bearings.....same.
pinion brgs.......same.
yoke (flange)...different.
clutch pack kit....same.
Note,the 60.3 lists a gasket,axle bearing,bearing retainer,and seal like a 9". The 60.2 does not.
Then Dutchman website order form (below) lists the S7 bearing which is mopar 8 3/4" from what i can tell. Can't imagine why that would be spec for a ford.

Also below is the actual bearing end. Which doesn't seem to match anything on the following chart.

Mr. N chart doesn't even list a 65-66 rear D60.

So in conclusion... anyone KNOW what bearing end that is?
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I just had one of these gone through after breaking an axle at the drags. New axles from Dutchman, new clutches, bearings, seals. It is a Dana 60, I went with a Rough stuff cover. The ends are unique although parts are available. The ends have seals inside the tube as well as in the retainer, so you must pack these bearings. They don't get gear oil down the axle tubes, (sealed). I kept the drum brakes, so I didn't have a problem with caliper mounts but I am sure they could be easily fabbed up. You must be careful though because the bearing preload is set with shims and the brake backing plate itself is a shim. So That thickness of the backing plate must be kept in the picture or the bearing will either be too tight or too loose.
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