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Ford D60 DriverSide U bolts

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Well , all I have found so far was this ....

But Was wondering if that is the right way to mount the u bolts . Anyways I need to figure this out but was wondering , as I have the lower Spring plate , but want to find out how exactly the plate works.Anyone make a kit for it ? BTF has a ford spring plate u bolts etc , but i see no lower plate , and wonder what they reccomend to use. Thanks Guys.
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Check the thread now jerrys post has a good pic
Lots of info here on how to invert the Ford mount: http://fullsizebronco.com/forum/showthread.php?t=24977 The other stickies in that forum may have more info for you.
Chris How much would you charge for some zero Rate's , and your spring plates?
I like your setup there.
Sorry, too much to do right now to mess with little things like those.
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