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Hey everyone,
I recently picked up my D70 from the junkyard the other day for dirt cheap. Its a 35 spline full float model out of a 85 ford F-350 dually. the BOM is marked 605247-2 LS and using the dana expert it says that i have a powerlock (p/l) 2 piece carrier, but i have seen power locks before and i swear that the this carrier looks like a detroit locker. Is it possible that it came from the factory with a detroit? The cover did not look like it had been removed but i guess that it is possible that a previous owner had intstalled one. Any help would be apreciated.
Other numbers cast into housing if they are of any help: 40235 024A 3.54 (gear ratio)E5TA-ZA

Also on the back side of the centersection there is what looks like 8 dots arranged in a circle with a teardrop pointing at one of the dots. Any clue what this means?

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