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Anyone have some ideas for my 2000 F250 7.3L?
I did some injector work on my truck and had an intermittent SES light come on. it also has a slight miss and extended crank when cold.
I needed the A/C charged anyway so I took it to Ford to let them read the codes, and charge the A/C.

this is what the Mech wrote verbatim,

P1265 P1271 P1273 P1275 P1277 P1278 P1293 P1212 P1316
#5 #1 #3 #5 #7 #8 Bank1 ICP IDM
1. Cyl Miss -
Self test- KOEO-
Cyl Contribution test- P0269 P0275
#3 #5
Perform P/Points test NA11-12
Check Resistance at Valve covers 3.7 ohm- OK
1.Needs IDM
2.Possible Injector Concerns- IDM first and retest
3 P1212 Injector control pressure concerns
Recent work I've done myself,
Rebuilt Inj in #3 and #8, new O-rings on #5 and #7
checked wiring harness throughly for problems, broken wire going to #3 Inj-repaired, good continuity from IDM to all inj
new ICP Sensor, alt, starter, batts, GPR, and glowplugs.

Most of those codes are probably set from me unplugging and testing things when I was doing the injectors. I think #5 injector is only going about half the time since the oil from the spout is less consistent than the other inj. Overall the truck is running much better since i did the injectors Feels like its running on 7.5 cyl as opposed to 6.

why would they suggest replacing the IDM? by the way they worded it it sounded to me like they wanted to throw (expensive) parts at the problem.

My next step I think would to be replace Inj #5 and do new o-rings on the rest.

Was it worth the $80 Diagnostic fee?

(I have this posted on the DieselStop too, just wanting to see if anyone knows anything here too)

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Do any of your buddies have a 7.3? Just grab their IDM, swap it out and try it. Any IDM will work. A few months back I had a friend with an intermitent miss on his 7.3, which would set off the SES light. Changed the IDM and his problem never came back.
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