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Ford GT Give A Way!!! (Winch Rope for Real) Winner


Just kidding about the GT... But to all my new friends that the post got me, yeah right, I say thanks for the kind words, and the loving thoughts.................. Who would have thought that would cause some people to go that fucking crazy.


Let's Give A Way a Winch Rope....
5/16" X 100'- Blue.
Red Star and Yellow only...

Post up your best pickup line to get a hot girl, to go wheeling with you.....

Good luck.

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Hey darlin, if we were to go camping, and you were to get drunk, and woke up the next morning and saw a half empty tub of butter beside you and your ass was greasy and hurt really bad would you tell anybody? No? You wanna go camping?

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The night I met my wife...It went something like this...

Keith: Hi there.
Deb: Hi.
Keith: Would you like a shot or seventeen of tequila?
Deb: Yup


Deb: You are coming home with me right?
Keith: Yes I am.


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"How would you like to spend a weekend getting dirty while wearing a restraint ?
Come awn... I have big rubber toys. :D
Hell i will even toss some lube, my spare shaft and some rope in my bag to take with us. And if your nice i will roll you over." :evil:

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Scene: In the bar, I use to hang in when I drank (Socal's) waking up behind the ladies, pulling their hair back and looking behind the ears!!!!

Them: David, What are you doing!!!!!

Me: Checking for stretch marks!!!!!!!!! :flipoff2:
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