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While trying to cut off the 2-3/8"s from the driver side spring perch for the TNT xj style truss, I had to cut a little deeper on the diff side then I wanted to, to make the first cut. Its about 1/2 an inch towards the diff and goes down about 1/4 of an inch and slopes up as it gets towards the diff. (so 1/4 of an inch deep towards the knuckle, but fastly shallows as it slopes up, its a cutting wheel cut) Its about 1/16 of and inch thick. Im worried about the cast part. The tube part Im not worried about at all, its only 32nd deep and runs along the tube, plus I can easily weld mild steel, cast steel but its the cast iron I'm not set up to weld. Theres about an 1/8th of an inch of meat left at the end closest to the knuckle.

Am I worrying about nothing or do I need to do something about this?
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