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rings, pinions, and carriers

I have some rings and pinions for sale. Takin up space in the ol garage, and I hate to just toss em in with the scrap metal. Somone might be able to use em.

All are on open carriers, and I'll sell em to you that way if you want em.

d44 HP 3.07
d44 HP 3.54
D60 HP 3.54
8.8 3.55 31 spline
8.8 welded 28 spline carrier
Sterling 10.5 3.73 (no carrier though)

$50 each OBO, and will trade for sterling 94-up 4.10, or other sterling parts

might also be interested in a sterling 4.56 or a sterling locker, if you want to make some money

I am in michigan, so if I gotta ship em, you know where they are commin from.
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