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My '99 Super Duty Crew Cab Dually (V10) is not right! Here are the symptoms:
1. about every 1000 miles it overheats.
a- blew radiator apart once, blew hoses off twice

2. low on power
a- feels flat, gutless

3. gets about 4mpg less than it used to (about 9 mpg instead of 13 mpg)

Okay, here is what I have already checked:
1. compression was 200 to 205 except for one cylinder on each bank which was 185 and 175 (again, different banks) I was told this was normal
a- also checked cooling system for carbon dioxide (head gasket check) - checked out okay
b- replaced all hoses, radiator, water pump, and thermostat

2. catalytic converter seems to flow but it will light a glove on fire (at the tailpipe) if it is revved high - is that normal?

3. no engine light is on, it revs and idles smooth

4. already changed plugs and filters - plugs looked a little lean

5. clutch fan seems to be working correctly (not staying on too long)

This truck has 156,000 miles on it and so does the tranny. Could the trans be the problem? It shifts fine and I can feel the converter lock up.
What about the coils on top of the spark plugs? Do they have a service life?
How about fuel injectors? Would the engine light come on if they were clogged?
I understand that it is possible the over-heating could be a separate problem.
I'm extremely confused and I use this truck for work, so any advice would be appreciated.

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i would suggest that you get the converter checked out. you can drill a hole and weld in a fitting right before it and take some readings with a b.s. pressure gage.
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