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Just a little write up i usually do for all you 4x4 enthusiast's out there.

Went up to Fordyce yesterday to check out the trail because our group/club plan's on doing a snow run up there soon. I must say that the trail was a bit challenging at times, one of the Jeep's that was running with us attempted Driveline hill and got stuck on the last part (steps) He first tried to more difficult left side, couldnt quite get it to catch enough traction so went over to the right hand step's and ALMOST had it. Ended up winching him about 5 ft. out on to the top. After that we headed up where the trail turns left or right (twords fordyce river crossings ect) We ended up going left right and checked out the lake, very nice view i must say! After taking a little bit of a break and goofing off on the rocks for awhile (in the open area) we decided to take off twords the first river crossing, first snag we caught was one of our Jeep's got a bit stuck on some huge rock's ended up winching out, the rest of us made it threw with "minimal problems" So we ended up heading up right before the river crossing catching a little bit of snow on the way and got up on that large rock slide/rock moutain and decided to call it good for the day. We headed back out the Yota with us had some traction problems in the snow with his "mud brutes" but other then that it was fairly painless all the way out. The highlight of our trip was just as we were getting out of the rocky area and back on to fairly flat ground before driveline hill one of the Jeep's (setting on 37's) tried to get up on a 3 1/2 ft dirt banking up on to a fallin tree and ride along it (if this makes any sence?! lol) Ended up tip'n it over on it's side. We had to winch him over and then figure out a way to get him off the 3 1/2 ft dirt inbankment. First tried to pull him back off of it but it began to want to tip again so we finally decided to just let it go forward over it and hope for the best (with about 4 of us hanging off the back so that it didnt tip) Ended up that this was the best solution to the problem, only real damage was a bent door, tore up softtop and a rather cold ride home since they had to take it all down (brrrr!) After that bit of excitment we headed out the rest of the way and called it good for a great trip! You can see pictures at www.norcal4x4.net
feel free to take a peek!

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