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You read it right. I have MOST of the parts to complete a Formula Toy. I have been assigned the task to unload this unfinished project. Due to the potential probate I must liquidate the assets in a timly fashion. This is add is for EVERYTHING at one price. I do not want to part this out so please don't ask.

Price Reduction: $9500


Ron Davis Radiator with fan/shroud
-With Transmission cooler
-Double Pass
-Specifically made for a Formula Toy Chassis

-Alloy floors
-Alloy Trans Hump
-Ally roof
-Alloy firewall

Champion Beadlock (one wheel)
-8.5 x 17” w 4.5” backspacing
-Cast wheel

Interco Truxis Sticky Tires
-4 Tires
-Used 50%

PRP Seat
-Top of the line model
-Removable Cushion
-Pro Comp Seat?
-New and never used but dirty from laying around
-Seat brackets were removed and need to be replaced

PRP Seat
-Non Removable Cushion
-New and never used but dirty from laying around
-Seat brackets were removed and need to be replaced
-Slightly modified as a passenger seat to fit over the transfer case hump in a formula toy

Inch Worm Transfer Case 5.0
-300m output shaft
-Twin stick

Diamond Axles
-5.27 gear ratio with Cryo’d gears
-Long Field shafts with Long Field Birfs
-Comes with Drive flanges AND locking hubs
-Brake rotors, calipers, drums, pads, studs, etc. ALL NEW
-Leaf perches included but not welded on
-New and never used
-High Steer arms from Diamond with steering drag link and tie rod INCLUDED

Deaver Formula Toy leaf packs
-For complete vehicle (front and rear)
-Included Baja Joints (orbital type) in rear leaf pack (rubber in front)
-Specially tuned for Formula Toy

Formula Toy Chassis
-Hendrix Chassis #79
-DOM tubing
-Toyota frame is an early pick-up frame
-Has ALL holes welded up (an older solid axle frame)
-Frame will need to be connected to the chassis
-No rust
-Includes Adjustable steering bracket (not installed but pictured)

Toyota 22 RE engine
-Manifolds blocked off and converted
-New water pump
-New Pullies and belts
-PSC Power Steering Pump (high volume) w reservoir and mounting brackets
-Powermate by Wrangler High output single wire alternator 110 AMP
-Crank Fire ignition and fuel injection
-Includes 4WD oil pan
-LC Engineering header for Formula Toy
-Ceramic coated with gasket
-Simple Digital Systems computer and ignition w/ LCD Ignition Programmer AND harness Worth $1400!
-Bosch High pressure Injection Pump
-Intake Manifolds and other parts included to make it complete

Rancho Shocks
-RS9000 Shocks
-15” of Travel
-Adjustable valving
-Ultra fast White with red bushings

Bump Stop Clamps
-4 included

Warn 1700 Winch (Warn Competition Winch Not included)
-New and never used
-With Wired controller

Trail Gear Steering Box
-Ported for Hydro Assist
-Included PSC 8” Ram
-Pitman Arm included

Blinging Gold Shackles
-For the front of an F-Toy
-Zirc Fitting bolts included

Traction bar and rear engine cross member for a Formula Toy.
-Rod ends and bushings included
-Mounts to Transfer Case

$11000 Takes it ALL!!!

PM me for more details or inquiries.

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Price reduction to 10K!!!!

The axles alone (which are NEW) are 8K. For not much more you get tons more.

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Really wish I had the cash!! Regret building my 1 ton wrangler cause now I need a tow rig. With an f-toy it would be so much easier to pull around---------------Kyle

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Would love the SDS system....If you part that is.....
Maybe in time.

I find it hard to beleive that this hasn't gone. Axles and chassis cost the same as what I have reduced the price to be.

Damn economy.......:shaking:

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I am pretty close to parting this out if it does not go soon.............

The price is $9000 obo

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I want this thing GONE for the price of the axles are new (keep in mind the axles ARE 100% new and never used).

$8200 for the axles and EVERYTHING ELSE comes with it.

Must be gone in a week.
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