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In the last year, due to a variety of reasons, FOTR moved to a new domain.

www.friendsoftherubicon.com is the new FOTR Website. It's got information on there, like how to join the FOTR mailing list on Google Groups, FOTR dates when they become finalized, photos from old FOTR projects are slowly being added. Lots more to do, but the basics are there.

Thanks to Tim Green for making the nice banner.

If you have specific content ideas, please send them to Trail Boss, Jerry Reffner.

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I tried to join the Google group referenced on the FOTR web page, but at the end of filling out the form, it sez "You do not have permission to join this forum" ??
Please send me a message directly and Ill get you on. Give me a name or something other than just an email though.


[email protected]

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Has a date been set for the annual 2015 FOTR meeting?

Ride on
Do you get the FOTR e-mails? If not, e-mail Jerry and ask to be added.

You can find the event info on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/events/996538963708943/

Also, here is the info the Trail Boss, Jerry Reffner, sent out:

Hey gang,
Hope all is going well this time of the year. Low stress, family and friends!
Wanted to give a heads up on the Annual Meeting for next year! Going with a new format.
RTF has stepped in and is going to do an Appreciation Weekend in 2015. RTF will be providing Saturday night dinner, and we will be acknowledging some of the volunteers that have been instrumental in getting FOTR going, keeping it going, an overall nice big camping weekend.
We will do the FOTR meeting stuff on Saturday, go over the Adopt A Trail projects, give out some appreciation certs, and then get treated to a nice dinner.
The appreciation weekend will be held at the KOA in Placerville on the March 20th/21st 2015 weekend.
Placerville KOA | Camping in California | KOA Campgrounds
So those that want to stay the week-end, you can get reservations and not worry about driving. Just reference FOTR and hopefully we can all get in a group kind of close together.
There will be more info sent out later, but just wanted to give everyone a heads up cause its just around the corner and you will need to make reservations if you want to stay in a cabin or campsite – both are available!
Thanks and everyone have a Merry Christmas!
And a safe New Year.
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