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We had a good meeting today about 35-40 people showed.

The Agenda was basically

1- Intro's
2-ROC update from Del (Rubicon Over Site Commity)
3-OHV Comission update
4-Steve Peterson with ESP gave an update of what is going on.
Public meeting dates our
4-30-03 @ 7:00pm Placerville Town Hall
6-26-03 @ 7:00pm " " "
8-20-03 @ 7:00pm " " "
Three Phases #1- Data collection
#2- Specified impact anylasis
#3- Documantion & Planning
ESP will have a Draft of the plan out by the next meeting for review

5- Easements, Steve Morris who Reps Rubicon Soda Springs Inc.
Says that all the private property owners are on
board with signing the easements.
6- Incorperation- Was put to a small comitey to come up with all the pros and cons about Incorperating They will have some answrs by 5-21-03

8- Summer projects include-
a- Bathrooms and trash service at Loon Lake
b- Trail Signs
c- Infomation Kiosk at Loon Lake
d- SMUD road work project
e- Survey And GPS locations of Rolling Graded Dips
on Mckinney-Rubicon Springs Road.
d- Anything else that might come up.
9- Bear Survey
Dave (I forgot last name) voleentered to keep track of Bear
incounter's he will have something on the list in a little while
about what kind of info he needs.

If there is anything that I forgot please speak up.

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After a weekend in meetings first with what may have been a nationwide first multiple-use leadership summit (awesome!) and then an equally successful annual Friends of the Rubicon (FOTR) meeting... cool stuff. I'm tired but motivated! :D

Great work, all!

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