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Found a '72 LR for sale near me

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Hey guys,

I know pretty much nothing about Land Rovers but I've always liked their styling and functionality. I came across a 1972 Series III for sale a couple blocks near me. Looked it over a bit, has corrosion holes in the body, spare tranny in the back, PTO setup. I called up the guy, he said he wants $2500 for it and it runs great mechanically. What's the average going price on these Rovers?

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Corrosion holes in the body... only easy way to fix that is to replace the tub with a good used one. You can replace just the side panels, but that is a big PITA.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to check the firewall and the frame for rust. Each of these is a fairly major undertaking to remedy, and the frame can be quite costly.

Mechanical work is easy to fix on a Series, rust issues are not. IMO I would find one in the same price bracket that had a mint body and frame, but a blown transmission or motor.

Nuts and bolts is easier than welding and grinding.
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