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For sale or trade Like the title says four 37x12.5x15" Iroc Radials. Tires have about 90% tread or more in the middle with normal wear to outer lugs due to heavy rock. Tires hardly ever saw road use except for the 1/2 month i had them mounted before my rig was no longer street legal. One tire has a cut in the sidewall that was there when i bought the tires never had a problem with them and the cut has not grown. I think one tire has a plug but for the life of me I can't find it anymore. Tires don't leak and have normal rock rash on them so if your looking for nice street driving tires for your mall crawler look elswere. Asking $550 or best offer located in SLO, CA 93401. Will ship on you dime I can strap them to a pallet and fork em on a truck for you. Email for pics.

Gear driven T case $75 obo
3 Stock Birfs $10 ea SOLD
Power steering pump $45
1.5" wheel spacers $25 SOLD
2 second gen doors 1 w/dent $40 Both
85 22r 106K bent rod #4 was there when it happened Make offer.
Rear window sliders 2 for single cab 1 for ext cab $20 ea

1 - 20 of 40 Posts
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