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Egads.. These homely monstrosities were build like this because:
1) I got no fab skillz.
2) I got no duckets left to pay to have them made proper.
3) I never done it before, and I like a challenge.

They are the stock headers (yes, 1987 Buick LeSabres came with factory headers. no joke) that have been horribly mutilated by me. I ran out of patience while doing prep and just wanted to lay bead. Some of the gaps I welded up were in excess of 3/8". :eek:

The rest of the pipe is 2". It goes to a Y and strait out under driver. I'll spend the $15 on a muffler after I see if it runs.


I don't seem to have any pics of what they looked like stock. Here's me holding the new "collector" after I knocked out the place for the primary pipes:


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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