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While out on a jobsite in a residential neighborhood last week, I saw a stray dog nearly get hit by a car. I went and got it out of the street and tied it up right next to the manhole I was working at for the rest of the day in hopes the owner would drive by and see her...she was well taken care of. No luck. I took her to a vet and had her scanned for a chip...nothing. An ad was put up on craigslist. No luck yet. I would love to keep her. Our dog and her play very well together and they just love each other's company, but our landlord will not allow us to have another one.
So, more about her... She's about 6 months old give or take a few months (I'm no vet). She has a great temperment and is very friendly, however she was really timid when I first took her home. She has shown absolutly NO signs of aggression with my dog or with myself or my girlfriend. She is not spayed (she's on the rag, but don't worry, our dog is fixed so you won't be getting a free litter of pups with the deal). She is a brendal color, about 40ish lbs. and has not had her ears or tails cropped. Not really a whole lot more I can think of to tell ya about her, but she really is a great dog and I want to do everything that I can to find her a good home. The landlord wants us to get rid of her by this Friday, and if we can't find a home for her, they want us to take her to the pound. I really don't want to do that because I'd hate not knowing if she found a home or not.
So, if your'e interested and would like to meet her, call me @ 916-759-2180. My name is Eric. The dog is in Sacramento, and I found her in the vicinity of Fair Oaks and Engle.
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