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Free shipping on tires and stuff at 4WP's

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Free shipping on tires and big stuff at 4WPs, only until midnight tonight. Just got 4, 38/12.5/15, TSLs, shipped to my door for $750.

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Re: Re: prices

clc900 said:

Alright newb, a friend wants in on the deal. Four 44x15 boggers for $1565 to his door and its a done deal. Let me know what you come up with.:rolleyes:
With a retail price of $400e all you saved was $35 + shipping.
$400 price is for a 44x19.5x15

So any place that offers the tires with free shipping for less than $400 a tire can beat that price easy.

*Edit: sorry forgot the math...


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1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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