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Free shipping on tires and stuff at 4WP's

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Free shipping on tires and big stuff at 4WPs, only until midnight tonight. Just got 4, 38/12.5/15, TSLs, shipped to my door for $750.

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Eskimo said:

Maybe I'm just thinking of this from the other side of the fence, sicne I'm trying to start my own shop.
But even before I was, 4WPW can kiss my ass. :flipoff:
What a great way to drum up some new business. :rolleyes: Flip me off and I'll surely buy from ya
I agree with support the little guy if they deserve it. My closest shop is run by a couple of arrogant yuppie assholes that won't work on your rig unless it's a wrangler. Custom work? I don't think so. Unless it comes out of a box you're SOL. But you know what? It's been alot better for me in the long haul because I taught myself how to build everything I need. Now the only time I need a shop is to buy tires and shit
1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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