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Free shipping on tires and stuff at 4WP's

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Free shipping on tires and big stuff at 4WPs, only until midnight tonight. Just got 4, 38/12.5/15, TSLs, shipped to my door for $750.

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Re: Re: Re: prices

HighToy said:

With a retail price of $400e all you saved was $35 + shipping.
$400 price is for a 44x19.5x15

So any place that offers the tires with free shipping for less than $400 a tire can beat that price easy.

*Edit: sorry forgot the math...


HighBoy, put down the pipe! Nobody is going to beat that price when they are shipped across the country. I checked everywhere because I HATE ordering shit from 4WPH. I took a chance and got a great price. Lets see if you can beat it. Like I said I have a friend who wants a set. Talk is cheap even if you do know how to add.:flipoff2:
4 Wheel Parts plays funny games with the pricing.
I bought 4 36-12.5-15 TSL radials for $748 shipped from them. I think that's a pretty good price.
Apparently it was, since now they jacked the per tire price up to 191 and with the $15 'handling' fee it's about $800.

Before I placed my order, I called around and no one could come close to the price.
4WPW sucks in general. But they, like Wal-Mart, usually have the best price on stuff.
-- Mike
Shipping? You mean you don't have 5 of those 4wpw's no more than an hour from your door?:flipoff2:
TRed said:
Shipping? You mean you don't have 5 of those 4wpw's no more than an hour from your door?:flipoff2:
If you look into the company, they add something like 10% to stuff like tires when you buy int he store over the phone. :mad:

Also, last time i bought something from them, they were selling tow straps for $15 at the off road expo, too cheap to pass up.
Time before that i went in there with my buddy to look at a skyjacker lift for his YJ. His quote was $750, and $250 to install. He was goin off about how cheaper prices dont include this or that, and to bring in a cheaper price. Only thing is on the web site it advertises the SAME LIFT for $500. In the end my buddy bought a RE 4.5, and installed it himself.

:flipoff: 4WPW

:edit: it is 3% they add to super swampers. Still doesent matter, the guy behind the counter jacks up the price.

And just as an FYI for everyone who doesent know, all 4wp prices are not set it stone, and can be adjusted by bartering with the guy behind the counter.
21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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