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Some info on my BJ44

This sprung over HJ60 got 2H in it. Den - the guy own's it - lives on the island of Sakhalin. It's pretty close to Japan.
There is a unique situation with gray car imports in Russia. Right hand steering is legal and there are lots of Japanese cars imported into Russia. Japanese gray car imports dominate Far East region of Russian. Most of the cars there are RHS (Right Hand Steering). There is a great choice of Japanese cars in Russia that you can buy. Most of these cars are made for internal Japanese market only. Japanese cars are mostly cheaper that their European opponents.
Now about my rig. Toyota presented official dealers in Russia only in the beginning of 1990s. In 1998 Moscow's representative office of Toyota Motor Corporation was opened. Right now Toyota has 10 official dealerships through out the whole Russia. In Russia Toyota offers LandCruiser 100/105 and LandCruiser Prado (90 series). Therefore, what I got - is a rare rig and I was fortunate to find in Russia. I think there is only one more BJ42 in Moscow and the rest of them are in the Far East of Russia - closer to Japan (city of Vladivostok, city of Uzhno-Sakhalinsk).
I've purchased my BJ44-V in October 2000 for $750 USD (US Dollars). It run and everything was working except the parking brake and vacuum actuator for front drive line.
Here is a picture:

You may see more ugly pics at my outdated web site here http://www.geocities.com/sr5_fx2/index_bj.html
It's an 1981 May. It has 3200CC I4 2B Diesel in it - it's very similar to B motor but 2B's got more cc's. Standard axles with 9'5 Diffs - rear is NOT a FF (how I wish it was). It has originally front vented disk brakes (similar to HJ60/70/erly 4Runner), split x-case, 4:11 gears, H41 tranny, rear drum brakes, cable operated parking brake (located in rear drums), non-power steering, no A/C, vacuum operated (there is lever on a dash board) front drive line engagement mechanism (which didn't work). Also, it had steel rims 15x6 that can be taken apart (there are actually two rims inside each other and they are heavy as hell). Front AISIN locking hubs, original warranty sticker in Japanese in the glove compartment (I'll scan it one day and I'll post here :))

The person, who sold it to me said that it was his dad's rig, who got it right from Japan in the 1995 and owned it since. Unfortunately, his father passed away and the guy wanted to sell this BJ44 in order to get a daily commuter car - something like a Geo Metro.
Now it's been almost 3 years and I still have not finished my BJ44. Since I got it I took the body off - it was pretty badly rusted out and filled with tons of body filler and multiple welding layers. I've cleaned, premiered and painted the frame, did SPOA, doing x-over steering now with HJ80 tie-rod and drag-link and HJ80 steering box and converting it to Left Hand Side steering. Thinking about Shackle Reversal. Next week I plan to start fabrication roll-cage/exo-skeleton.
Please feel free to ask me more about my rig. If you wish I can take pictures on your request. And I will try to update/rebuild my website.

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Thanks folks!
Here is what it looks now
If picture doesn't show up - klik here
My first Cruiser was '74 FJ40, which I had converted to Chevy 305, SM-420 and 3 Toyota speed x-case. It was in 1999, when I was an exchange student living and studying in Seattle, WA. I paid $2800 for my first Cruiser.
I've got heavy influense from a friend of mine, who's heavy into rock buggies - most of the body is cut off and thrown away. I've contacted Mike - SpaceGhost re. his cage design - bacically I plan to do something similar to it. Big thanks to Mike for his info.
I had to decide if I want to restore the body or do something weigh wise and more rigid in case of roll-over. My rig didn't have a roll-bar - I guess it was only in US/Canada FJ/BJ4X. So, I've decided to cut it...
As far as wheeling - I'd love to visit Moab one day :) but here in Russia we've got mostly mud bogs and nasty forest roads with huge paddles and lot's of clay. No rock :(
Here are some links to Russian sites with off-road pics.
Vladivostok Offroad Club - Gallery
Alexander Brown Trohly 2001 - Gallery
Bloody Heavy Off-road Event 2000 Gallery
Alexander Brown Trophy 2002
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