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From stock Rubicon to the Rubicon trail ready..in stages

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Total newbie question from a newbie in Nevada. I have a plan.

I am looking to eventually get a rock crawling rig but when I look at the cost of a new rig plus all of the upgrades, I am around $75,0000 - $80,000. sigh…

So my plan is this. Start with a stock Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon (JK-L). Then, upgrade in stages, for example:

Stage 1: Lift kit and tires, say $7,000 - $10,000 - Long arm kit with 35's or 37's.
Stage 2: Coil Conversion Kit, say $3,000 - $5,000.
Stage 3: Front and rear bumpers - $3,000
Stage 4: Winch - $1,500
Stage 5: Aftermarket AEV Heat Reduction Vented Hood, painted $1,400
Stage 6: anything else?

Please critique my idea, especially the pricing. I figure I can afford each stage once per year. Any other ideas?

Or is it better to just pay everything at once? (Buy once and cry once)

I am looking to eventually build a rig that can handle the Rubicon trail with ease. But as I grow in driving experience, so to does my rig.

I thank you in advance.
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You don't need 90% of that shit to run the rubicon. 3" lift, high line 37's and you will be a king.
Fuck the hood and $3k bumpers too. That is stupid money.
Winch and driving experience would be the first upgrades.
You will look like every other rubicon on the trail.
Winch and driving experience would be the first upgrades.

Fuck the hood and $3k bumpers too. That is stupid money.
Most definitely this

Buy this,

1978 International Scout 2 Rock Crawler

Same a shit ton of money and go wheeling in style. :flipoff2:

If you just got to buy something and throw money at it, then add this to it and be happy.

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From what I've heard Rubicon is easier than fordyce. Never ran rubicon but seen video of a guy doing it in a stock rubicon. My friend and I both ran fordyce from eagles lake to committee last weekend. His rubicon has a 4" lift and 33s. I have the same on my 85 runner. It was rough but not bad. Definitely don't think you need all that stuff for the rubicon
Winch and driving experience would be the first upgrades.
this guy said it.... :homer:
it's the rubicon not top truck challenge.

you live in nevada. go buy a CJ sitting behind somebodys shed, weld the rear, 32s, and off you go. no lift, no fancy bumpers, no bullshit.

i could just about build, if not totally build a wheelable rig for what you're going to spend on a fancy hood.

the best "mod" you can make to your rig is experience. go out and make a bunch of mistakes, and then make them again, and then try to learn. good luck.

"i'm pulling for ya, we're all in this together"
A stock rubicon can run the rubicon. I walked everything on fordyce (except wh 3) with a 2.5" lift,37's, savvy UAM and a front bumper. Stock rubi rockers, no rear bumper, stock gas tank skid.

Get out and drive the sumbitch, upgrade as you learn what you really want/ need. Over the years I have everything from my first stock to built rig, buggies, 450 how rig, one tons, 42's.... I'm having the most fun with my current jeep on 37's.
You must be planning on someone else doing all the mods with those prices. :rolleyes:
Your lift and tire pricing is more then my whole xj with lift tires winch bumpers. Maybe look into just a winch and learning to drive as others have said.
So I just returned to Pirate4x4 just to respond to another thread and found that I had some responses here.

Thank you guys for the advice. It is good advice and I appreciate it. Sorry for coming onto the forum with such a stupid newb question. After about a year of research, I realize how silly the questions were and appreciate you guys not flaming me.
Check out Reno4x4.com for a lot of locals in Reno who could also help you figure out what you need. They do runs every week so you can figure out what you need and what you want. There is a big difference. I've seen an FJ with Falkin 32s drive the Rubicon without damage. I've seen custom buggies with 42's not able to make it up soup bowl.
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