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I have two DANA 60 axles. Front axle is a Ford high pinion, driver drop axle from a 2001 F-350. Rear axle is a full floater from a 91 Ford E-250 and has a bridge for a 4 link welded on. Both axles have been stripped of stock bracketry and sandblasted for use in a Jeep axle swap. Axles are both still full width, open carrier, 8 lug and complete with all parts except a few missing diff cover bolts. If you want some pictures just let me know. Asking $500 for the front and $400 for the rear. Located in Lubbock, TX, might be willing to meet halfway depending on where your coming from. Was going in a Jeep build but plans got changed and they are just taking up room now. Also have some Ballistic flex joints and tube adapters if your interested in those as well.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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