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Front axle 44, 60, or aftermarket

I have a Jeep TJ looking to set it up on 38's. I am looking into 3 options up front. A Ford HP44 (65"), a Ford 78-79 HP60 (narrowed to 65"), or a aftermarket HP 60 (Rockcrusher, Dynatrac, etc).

I figure I can build a 44 for $2000 chromemolly shafts, detroit, stronger gears, and a rebuild.
I think I can build and narrow a 78-79 using stock shafts, a detroit and gears for $2300 (depending on finding a stock one for $900).
Or I can order a custom one for $1500~2000 more, which is more than I wanted to spend.

Looking at the three options I leaning toward ford 60, but I have not decided yet. Is a custom 60 (Rockcrusher, Dynatrac, etc) worth the extra $$ or is factory ford 60 just as good?

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The 44 would be polishing a turd in this case. Are you going to narrow the 60 yourself? I think 2300 is a little low if you are going to pay someone to narrow it. The difference in your comparison on the D60's for cost is mainly the aftermarket shafts and joints.
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