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So, I'm trying to talk my friend into swapping some toyota axle into his zuk tonight and we start looking under ther and he mentions how much trouble it will be to outboard the springs. Last time I read anything about this a few people mentioned that there was only a half inch difference in the toyota and suzuki perches.

dude tells me I'm nuts so we throw the tape measure on the housing and sure enough theres 4" difference between his sammy and my toyota. Figuring I'm missing something, we go to his parts pile and dig up another housing, now this one is within 1/2 inch of the toyota axle.

obviously a difference in model year, he had no idea what year the wider perch width housing was. His rig is an 86. Other than the perch width the axles looked the same, the one in his rig was 25", the parts housing was about 28 1/2". Just wondered what year this changed.

definately makes it a lot harder to swap in the toyota axles.
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