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Why? Is it broken? Closed knuckle axles are fine. You have a D25 or a D27. Both are similar are are suprisingly strong. If you rig is all stock, it will last forever. Disc brakes are easily added.

If you want an open knuckle a narrow track later CJ D30 is pretty much a bolt in swap. But again, why? There is no real gain.

Elaborate about your set up, tire size, use etc. You will get a better reccomendation that way. Are you looking to upgrade?

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Mostly looking to improve. It's my dad's old jeep that we used to dune run with. It sat in his garage for about 12 years. I just got it about a month ago, and am still learing about it.

The open knuckles was his recommendation, but he never really elaborated.

I live up in the mountains, so I just want to get it into shape to run it safely on both road and trails. Also, for all weather conditions. Nothing too hardcore yet, but maybe someday.
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