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Front Axle Recommendations

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I'm currently running a Dana 44 in the rear of a 59 CJ5. Don't know what's in the front, off hand, but was recommended to replace it with a later model axle with open knuckles.

any tips?
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Why? Is it broken? Closed knuckle axles are fine. You have a D25 or a D27. Both are similar are are suprisingly strong. If you rig is all stock, it will last forever. Disc brakes are easily added.

If you want an open knuckle a narrow track later CJ D30 is pretty much a bolt in swap. But again, why? There is no real gain.

Elaborate about your set up, tire size, use etc. You will get a better reccomendation that way. Are you looking to upgrade?
Mostly looking to improve. It's my dad's old jeep that we used to dune run with. It sat in his garage for about 12 years. I just got it about a month ago, and am still learing about it.

The open knuckles was his recommendation, but he never really elaborated.

I live up in the mountains, so I just want to get it into shape to run it safely on both road and trails. Also, for all weather conditions. Nothing too hardcore yet, but maybe someday.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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