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front cv or no cv better

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I quick fried my front driveline and when I went to repair it(replace it) everyone told me that toyo's have a cv up front.
Now this is an old '81 truck with many owners so i didn't know what was right.
some people have said that if you run alot of flex you need to go to a non-cv driveline.
I can't find one....
Or do I just want to use a stock cv unit.
also if I am to have one made, how long should it be
My flange to flange measurement is 24.5"
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Dual cases you do not need a CV, Single case you do. Get one from a solid axle if you can, they have more droop. Or you can send it to High angle and he can clearance the IFS one for more droop. Take your measurements in two places, top of flange to top of flange and bottom of flange to bottom of flange. You may also need a long slip joint if you have a lot of flex!!!!!

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O/K, right now I have a single,but a d/case in the next few months, so I guess I have to get a c/v
is $125 a fair price for a used c/v
one thing to think about - the 81 c/v joints were not real great for life- as of if you even need one - with a 5" lift or more it is a waste of time unless you love limiting straps - use 85 up style single joints no c/v for best flex but you will sacrafice 20 mph and over driveablity (vibrations) due to the common angles of 25 degree's static or more- the joints just don't cancel well and be ready for some noise and vibrations- unless you run a fj-80 high pinion then things are closer and better for all- if there is a part of this that's confusing please feel free to call 530-877-2875 Jesse Barker Jaynes @ High Angle Driveline
125.00 a fair price for a used c/v Hell no, the yard I use sells them for 40.00 or less bepending on who you know.
Trying to find the correct angle CV is hard.
Recking yards here charge $100+

It's really best to have a beefy long slip built.
I destroyed several rear shafts and front. Now that I have a chevy 1ton heavy wall shaft I can slide over rocks without damage.
Do it right the first time!
will the stock u-joints and flanges be good enough to have fitted on a heavy (chev) driveline
or did you upgrade to the chev u-joints and somehow fit up the flanges
I emailed you my number and picked up that cv drive line today, If you want it give me a call in the morning. I can deliver to edmonds. 50.00 total cost to you. Its out of an 87 not sure of the Flange to flange but will measure in the morning. You will need to ask someone if the flanges are the same from 87 to 81.(bolt pattern)
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