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front pinion bearing is bad and i need to fix it by tomorrow

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So i am supposed to leave for camping sunday monring early with the ole jeep..... i through it in fwd today to make sure everything works and the front end is like locked up.... it would barely go...

so i start taking it apart thinking the gears might not be meshing and that was the problem... i pulled the ring gear and carrier and found out the pinion gear was siezed

i pulled the pinion gear and found that the outter pinion bearing was bad but everything else was fine...

now i need to get this back together by tomorrow... right now I have a new pinion bearing and seal but what else do i need to do...

keep in mind this is the front axle that is only ever engaged when offorad and usually at low speeds.... so i dont need it absolutely perfect.. at least not yet
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If by "outer pinion bearing" you mean the one that resides under the pinion yoke, replace it, install new seal, slide in the yoke, and torque the nut to 250 ft./lbs. and go. If on the other hand it`s the bearing next to the pinion head, you`ll have fun getting it off the pinion shaft without the proper puller. And technicaly, you`d need to reset pinion depth.
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