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front seats for my 40 - what kind to install?

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I am finishing my cage and I am wondering what front seats I should use for my rig. I've got two dirty sagged front original seats of my BJ44 but they don't have any side support.
I thought about getting seats of some sports car, some used Recaros but I have hard time finding 'em. I plan to use my BJ as a trail machine - mostly for 2-4 days off-road expeditions and may be some mud/swamp/rock 1 day events. I though about putting in front seats from BMW E32 7-er series - nice, soft, comfortable and some back support but then I am afraid that they will trashed. Here is another option - something like that:

brand new $220 and I think I can get a better deal from a wreck/junk yard. What do you think? I am not sure if I need a 4 point harness belts and seat for this kind of action:

more pics of Partisan-Trofy can be viewed here:http://www.belayev.dn.ru/28.11.03/index.html

Sowaddayathink? What kinda seats I should get?
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i instaled a set of recaros from a vw took a bit of welding to get the tracks from the fj to work w/ the recaros but well worth it and way cheap......
I got mine for 50 buck for the pair at pick n pull. They are in great condition. I found them in one of the smaller s-10 blazers. Comfy and disposable. Seat covers for sure because the apolstering is pretty :rainbow:

good luck:flipoff2:
I finally got the seats. I was going to check out Volvo junk yards but the cheapest I got was $150 for a pair front seats from Volvo 850 (cloth+leaher combo) non-working heating and cracked/ripped leather parts. Leather seats start from $300 and most folks don't want to sell just two seats - they want to sell the all 4 seats (usually 2 front and rear bench). Lether BMW seats start from $400/500. I couldn't find anything reasonably priced in Moscow!
Since I've really needed the seats I've checked with a friend of mine yesterday and I've bought from him 2 front cloth seats ouf of Mitsu Montero/Pajero for $100 USD. These seats are pretty much the same as Toy 4Runner 1985-1989. Good condition, no rips, just dusty. They've got lumbar support and some side support. I also like how they mount - just two simple rails that will bolt on to my flat floor.
Because they are cloth and they surely will suck all the dust and dirt I am thinking to go with some leather like seat covers so seats would be protected and I'd be able to wash my interior with a hose/water spray. Another idea came to me as to re-upholster the seats, as to change the cloth to leather like material. I've got a friend, she makes clothes and bridal gowns - may be she'd do leater/vinyl new upholstery for me? I guess seat covers is the easiest way to go.
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