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Selling the drive train from my 2006 Rubicon LJ in favor of a 6.2 swap.

This has been my baby since 2015. I bought this Rubicon LJ 3 years ago in San Diego, Ca. then hauled to South Georgia. I have run it only 2,400 miles ever since bought! ! !

Transfer Case is PERFECT. PERFECT. Never Abused. NEVER. Shifts smooth. No Leaks, No weird noises. No Metal shavings on fluid.

I upgraded the rear flange to a 1350 series flange. I should have the original flange but not sure.

I will keep both LJ drivelines but can include a rear TJ Rubicon deiveline I have.

This will be the easiest Drop-in ang GO swap for any Jeep enthusiast in need looking for a 4:1 Transfer Case swap.

***This is NOT the JK Version of the 4:1 Transfer Case lacking the VSS provision. This is the 2003-2006 TJ Version that has the VSS in the tail housing. This is the one you need for any TJ/LJ Swap.

$1,600 cash

Located in Tifton, Ga 31794.

***4.0 Motor and 42RLE Transmission are also available, listed in a separate post.
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