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Bug needs some work, has:
reduction boxes
full fiber glass kit
dp 1600 with 17000
big engine skid plate
engine cage
extra rims
32's in rear skinnies up front may need new tires
oval window bug
have all parts to make it streetable, needs tail lights hooked up
rabbit GTI seats
other stuff but can't remember
What It Needs
gas tank cleaned
throttle cable
some wiring issues
may need new break master cylinder
some one make me a offer, around $725 OBO
Willing to trade for toyota parts or water cooled parts Thanks

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Thanks for the reply, I may need a 4.10 diff and some 4 inch rear springs, if you have gears and lockers it could be a stright trade 5.29s
Thanks also looking for header but really in need of one
Let me know what you have.
I'll try to get pics out ASAP
Thanks Again
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