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I am listing this for my dad as he is more computer illiterate than i am :D

He is selling his 1967 Toyota FJ40. It sports a good running Chevy 350 engine. He just recently installed a rebuilt 700R4 in place of the GM Turbo 400 for the overdrive. He will also incude the turbo 400 with it. Transfer case was just recently rebuilt so the trans and TC are like new. Seat was recovered last year and is in great shape.

Keep in mind this vehicle still needs some work such as a paint job, tires are somewhat worn but serviceable. The front drive shaft needs to be extended after the 700R4 conversion. He has tried to restore most of the vehicle as he could. Good soild running, streeet worthy vehicle that would make a good solid project vehicle.

Reason for sale. He purchased a bike for him and my mom to cruise the country side. Must be a mid life crisis or something :D If i had the cash i would buy it but i already own a jeep and one money pit is enough for me.

My dad purchased this vehicle a few years back for $5,000.00. I would estimate that he has put at least another 5,000.00(probably closer to 6g) into it since he has owned it. He has many extra parts to go along with it.

He is asking 5,500.00 but will take 5,000.00 if you wave the money in his face. Dont bother trying to low ball as 5g is his bottom price for now unless it doesnt sell. Even then i doubt he will let it go any cheaper.

For more information contact me at [email protected] and i will put you in contact with him. Oh yeah, vehicle is located in Hanford, CA.

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