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It is a 1994 Ext. Cab, Short bed Silverado z71. Located near Chicago, Illinois.

Here are the spec's...

Drive Train
GM crate motor HD model basically just has a 4 bolt main, 41k miles.
Mild cam,
Airaid Intake,
TB spacer
Eaton Posi

Hooker Pro Comp LT headers ---> Magnaflow High Flow cat ---> Flowmaster Original 40 (headers leak a little)

Trailmaster 6'' lift + 3" Body lift
Dual Steering Stabilizers
Aftermarket Custom Dana Driveshaft

Misc. Aftermarket
33x12.5x15 Trxus (tread is getting a bit low)
15'' American Racing Atlas II wheels
Chrome Drop Rear Bumper
Brand new U-Haul Hitch
4 Foglights set in the grill (they work fine)
Diamond Plate Bed Caps and Tailgate Caps and Entry Sill Plates
Drop in Bedliner
CrimeStopper Remote Starter and Keyless Entry
Silver Star low beams
Chrome Step Bars
Fender Flares
Back and Ext. Cab Tinted Windows 20-25% tint
Bug Deflector
Brand new Pioneer Speakers
New (2 week old) Pioneer Cd player
12" Type R in sealed box with Rockford Fosgate 1500w sub powering it.
Black seat covers w/ red bowtie
Black floor mats w/ Red bowtie

New Parts
new battery(8 mo. old),
new cv axle,
new fuel pump and sending unit less than 1000 miles,
new brake line from master cylinder to rear end,
newer water pump,
new u-joints,
new o2 senor

167k on clock, 41k on motor, 1 1/2 years on tranny rebuild, tranny fluid changed 2000 miles ago, oil just changed, less than 600 miles on diff. fluid and gears look brand new w/ no chips or excess metal shavings. Cap, Rotor, Coil, Borg Warner Wires, Delco Rapid Fire Plugs all changed 800 miles ago. Fuel Filter changed at same time as pump ~1500 miles ago. Seafoamed once a year, and 1 qt lucas racing oil used every oil change. Power locks, power windows, pwr breaks, pwr steering, power driver seat. You can get around 13-14 on the highway with this thing!!

Cons-a bit typical rust on the cab corner. bed was keyed (not too bad). windshield has a crack that runs right across where the wipers are( can even really notice it while driving unless your looking for it). nickel sized hole in seat covers. But seats are in perfect condition.

here are some pictures, only difference is the truck nutz are gone and it now has 33's not 36's. (to save on gas)

let me kno if your interested, i know i might be aiming a little high, but offers are very incouraged!!! $8,000 obo

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I wont drive it that far, but i have no problem shipping it to youm at your expense.

I also have no problem making as many videos as possible as a testimate to its drivability and relablilty for you so their are no suprises when you get it.

Ac blows cold, heat is hot as hell, leaks nothing that i know of except a little exhaust lol, due to some small holes in the collectors, but its not 2 bad really, headers for these sell on ebay cheap all day.

Tires are in pretty good shape, id expect another few thousand outta them. No i do not have the 36's they were bald when they were swapped out.

No problems except a few exterior scratches, and the exhaust leak! Other than that i drove it 6 hours down the highway a few weeks ago with no isses what so ever!

here are some other misc. pictures, these are with the smaller tires.

im also uploading a video of the remote start as i type this.

btw, truck had been rained on the day before in these pics, see the 1st set of pictures to see how shiny the paint can get, can get even better with a good wax.

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yeah for sure i know how it is.

ebay is just so expensive for not guarantting any results at all.

i just thought id atleast get more interest. everyone knows how stout these trucks are and how costs it gets when talking lifts and stuff.

So i think my price is fair, but im not 100% certain. though i also understand online people are looking for deals. and i dont need to sell this truck for a "deal" because i think its worth what im asking. i mean, i am flexible for sure though.

and i have a car im looking to get so time is somewhat an issue, but its advertised elsewhere so no biggie, just tryin to spark some interest!!
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