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88 sport

2 door model

pretty dang new 30s mounted on AR 767 (black spoke steel wheels)

4.0L...bottom end of the motor needs a rebuild...top end is the fuel injected...i would find a 258 4.2L engine (ussually about $200) and drop in it...then you would have the equivalent of a 4.7L stroker engine...

AW4 tranny...this is an automatic...has the sport and comfort shift options...has overdrive...shifts awesome and works perfectly

231 tcase...same as all other jeeps...shifts great

since it is a 2 door you can trim the fenders about 4.5" and put TJ flares on...doing that you can clear 32s pretty easily

I also have a 3.5" lift i will include for it...this was my daily driver until the motor gave me problems...i had planned on putting the lift on and never got to it...

it is black and the rear windows are tinted...also has gray interior....front seats are newer...they are from a newer XJ like 96 or so and in great condition

i had it parked at a buddies campsite, and they tried to move it off of his site cause they said he didn't pay...in doing that the passenger fender is dented and the mirror is knocked off...it is still hanging on, but will need fixed

they also busted the steering column trying to unlock the steering wheel...

this is in no way a perfect vehicle, but it would make a great trail jeep...

i need it gone by the end of this upcoming weekend...due to it being parked at a friends house, and i want his wife to still like me...if noone takes it, then i plan on just pulling the tranny and tcase and swapping them into my YJ...then i can finally have an automatic


email me at both of these addresses so i can reply asap
[email protected]
[email protected]

you can also call me at 610.331.0013

pics here...


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