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Quanity Item

2 – Sun Systems 600 W High Pressure Sodium Ballasts with Super hoods and good bulbs
1 – Sun Systems 1000 W Switchable HPS-MH Ballast with hood and good bulbs
(All three hoods have glass and fittings for heat exhaust system)
1 - Light mover light track with 8’ of track and Attach-A-Track light hanger
3 – squirrel cage exhaust fans (these really move a lot of air)
1 – Wall mount 14” oscillating fan
3 – 40 gallon reservoirs with lids (low profile)
3 – Pro Pump 275 gph pumps with tubing and filters
2 – 12”x24” heated seeding mats
5 – 4’ Fluorescent lights for seeding, cloning or mothers
1 – CO2 tank and Diamond CO2 regulator with tubes
2 – 5 gal buckets of lava rock grow media
5 – 110V timers
1 – Hydrofarm Deluxe Climate Controller
1 – 220V 24 hour Dial Timer
1 – 4 gang receptacle box with 4 220V receptacles (for lights)
1 – 30 foot length of 2 plus ground wire and breaker to wire 220V
(this may require customization as the breaker may not work for your setup)
1 – Encore plus mister (for timed release of insect spray or ozone air purifier)
5 – Assorted fans (inline and circulation)
1 – Digital indoor/ outdoor thermometer and humidity meter with max/min
4 – Assorted extension cords
1 – 50 feet of 4” flex ducting (1-25’, 1-15’, 1-10’)
1 – 25 feet of insulated flex ducting (1 cut)
1 – 15’x3’ sheet of Mylar reflective sheet, un-used
30 – 4” Rockwool cubes (also a few 1”x1” cubes)
60 – 6” pots
1 – TDS meter
1 – 15’x14’ heavy felt backed sheeting to protect carpet/floor(40mil pvc really cool stuff)
3 – 4’x4’ Lined tables with plywood enclosure. The tables and the enclosure were designed and built by me and are very sturdy.

This setup was designed to fit in the corner of any room larger than 8’x8’. It comes with everything you need except plants and nutrients to produce high yields. This is an ebb and flow system. If someone buys the complete system I’ll help in any way I can with the setup. The lights are currently wired for 220V for more efficient operation but can easily be switched back to 110V.
It should be possible to ship everything except the tables and enclosure. Everything is located near Sacramento CA. Take a good look at the list and the pictures, there is really a lot included. Everything is in excellent condition and most of the equipment is less than two years old. This cost over $4500 to build not to mention the time and small parts. I am asking $2500 obo for everything listed. If I can’t sell the complete system I’ll figure out individual prices. PM me or post here for more information and pictures.
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