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This setup custom plate adapter mated to a used SM465 that is in vgc. Tcase was fully rebuilt and has less than 3k miles on it. It uses the '74 transition gear and 3speed gears for a little more crawl. With 4.11's and 35's, I felt this was a very good setup.

this price includes the 11" Chevy clutch setup (pressure plate, pilot bearing, t/o bearing, clutch alignment tool, clutch disc) as well as the bell housing if you need it. The bell housing threads are stripped, so I used gr8 bolts and nuts to mount the transmission instead and that worked fine.

This adapter is one-off, and uses recessed pockets that hold bolt heads in place so you never have to worry about stripping a stud out. Plus, we clocked it up as high as it would go and the whole setup only hangs about 1" below the frame rails. For an extra $100, I'll include the skid plate that I built that is BEEFY! May need to redrill the mounting holes as I found out my frame was tweaked before it was fitted to the cruiser.

I'm in the Raleigh NC area, and completely naive on shipping costs and prefer a local deal. Willing to palletize if you work out the details.

Bolt Pockets eliminate the use of studs and potentially stripping the Al plate:

Nice flat belly barely hangs below the frame rails:

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