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I've got a red cat racing rockslide rs10xt new in box.
I bought it on a whim spur of the moment kind of thing
I got it in the mail and took it out charged the battery and took it for my first test drive. I used it total for about 45 minutes inside my home and on a car trailer .
The thing is bad-a little remote control car.
It is my first rc fwd car, but i dont have the time to use it. It has just been sitting in the box that it came in for a good two months.

So i would like to sell it. its a cool little rc car and it works really well, plus its simple and if your looking to make a comp crawler it could be a great start. the body without the plastic car looking thing looks really bad ass and could be made to accommodate bigger motors and some more battery.

im looking to get 100 obo. will ship seeing as its already boxed up.

link to what it looks like http://www.redcatracing.com/RC-Cars/Rock-Crawlers/Rockslide-RS10-XT-1-10-Scale-Crawler
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