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SOLD - Thanks Zebra TJ!

Rubi Dana 44 F & R Axles, 5:13 Alloy Gears, Alloy Shafts, Alloy tube seals on front. Includes Rubicon locker pumps, locker switch etc. $3,300.00 O.B.O for the set, prefer not to seperate the package.

Located in Waterford, WI at zip code 53185

Rear is setup for coilovers a triangulated upper and is trussed. Front is setup for coilovers, and 3 link with panhard.

Front axle is fitted with the WJ lower ball joint as I had upgraded to WJ front brakes, however the WJ outer knuckles and brakes are not included. I will include the stock Rubi outers with the axles if you wish, but the lower ball joints will need to be changed back to the stock Rubi type. No big deal, push out the WJ and push in the TJ.

These axles held up to the 37 x 13.50 x 17 Nitto Mud Grapplers, all over Colorado and Moab for 3 seasons without ever breaking a shaft . Didn't want to push them with 40's however.
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