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Fuel Cell

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My gas tank is startin to rot out :( , and i bought a 20 gal jegz fuel cell. Anybody got any sugesstions for a fuel pump ??
I know its got to be high psi cuz of the EFI, But there are so many. Just thought ide ask the masters.
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Here is mine, I used the stock pickup and pump , just had to shorten it up a bit so it would sit in the very bottom of the sump. I cut and flaired the hp tube and used 2 clamps. So far it has worked great ( 6+mo.) even on it's side a few times :D The cell is a Summit Racing 10 gal. cell.


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You can take the foam out or leave it in. I took it out when I drilled the hole for the stock pump and pickup. Then I vacumed out the metal from drilling and reinstalled the foam. You will have to shorten the mount for the pump. I put it were the pump sits in the lowest part of the sump.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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