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ok guys, I`m starting to revamp my dash, planning to cut out everything, add in flat sheet metal, stick in some autometers & a few switches, just simple & clean ,and was wondering if anyone knows the ohm range of the stock cruiser sending unit?

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The resistance of the OEM Toyota fuel gauge is as follows:

full = 17 +/- 2.1 ohms
half = 40 +/- 4.5 ohms
empty = 120 +/- 6.5 ohms

Unfortunatly, AFIK there are no aftermarket gauges that match this resistance. Everyone that I know with aftermarket gauges had installed an aftermarket sending unit (they are relatively inexpensive ca.$20).

I use Autometer gauges, and they offer a generic unit that has exactly
twice the resistance of the OEM sender. I toyed with the idea of fabricating some sort of linear amplifier to effectively double the
OEM resistance, but in the end I reckoned it would be cheaper to just buy the Autometer sending unit.

Unfortunately, the Autometer sending unit will not bolt directly to the Toy gas tank. I ended up making a hybrid unit that used the cap from the Toy sending unit and the rest of the mecahnism from the Autometer unit.

The Autometer gauges are great, BTW.
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