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1995 Suzuki Sidekick 16 valve 4x4 Japanese made.

Would not start...changed fuel filter, and it started once.....then just tries to start.

Checked spark, good.
Checked fuel rail, no pressure but fuel does come out when I open the bolt.
Replaced rusted fuel pump with new one.

Started right up twice. Now does not start just tries to start.

Still have spark, still have fuel at the fuel rail.
New filter, new fuel pump, new spark plugs.......

Has started a few intermitent times and does not die. Idles fine and will run for hours. Turn it off, does not start again until I get lucky?

Timing is correct, new battery.....????


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fuel injected I take it? well, if you got fuel pressure, delivery of said fuel to intake manifold, proper compression, timed ignition spark, you should run every time, one of those things ain't happening. check fuel injector? is the tank clean or full of crap? vacuum leaks? bad ecm? maybe a bad sensor? service manual tells how to check proper operation of every sensor to make sure it's in range of where it's supposed to be.
when it runs, how's the power output? can you accelerate fully and go top speed? or does it just idle fine? perhaps your cam timing is off a tooth?
if everything's getting to the right place at the right time, it'll work every time. something's off time I bet. check the cam, and the ignition timing.
good luck with that wacky problem.:smokin::confused:

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seach up "suzuki grounds" you may have luck finding what you need

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i just got over an issue with an opel that behaved very similar.
would start first thing in the morn and drive fine up until it was switched off, then it wouldnt start.
checked the fuel pump/delivery and it was fine... not really, the pump worked when it was COLD ONLY. pain in the butt cause evry time, but one, we checked for fuel flow it was there.

if you feel its fuel related then check the pressure valve on the fuel rail is functioning properly (might be stuck open)

also check youre sensors wiring (grounds) and then re set the ecu.

good luck
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