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Full hydro Danfoss Valve Info

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I have a Sauer Danfoss orbital valve that came with the unfinished buggy project I purchased. I can't seem to find the specs on this particular valve. I have been to the manufacturers website and have found a valve that may or may not be similiar.

Here is what I have:
Sauer Danfoss

I have found an OSBP 100 LR listed. But I have no idea if this is the same specs or not.
I have a Howe 2 1/4" X 10" double ended ram with internal stops at 8". I would like the steering for this rig to be 3-3.5 turns lock to lock and be reactive.

Anyone have any info?
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Call the comany tech line, thats what I did when i needed to find out specs about my eaton valve. Other places to try are places that service hydraulic cylinders and valves and what not.
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