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full hydro steering- what to do about the pump on an 800?

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Okay, building an 800 up. It's got a travelall D44 going in up front and I want to ditch the stock manual steering. I was going to adapt a power steering pump and box off of a Jeep, but decided it isn't worth it. Stock PS stucks on rocks anyway, so I'm just going to get a ram and orbital valve (excuse me - "hydrostatic steering unit") and go that route for full hydro. Not like it's ever going to cruise the freeway anyway :D

So, I need to mount up a pump on the 196 to drive the ram. Anybody know of a source for the stock PS brackets -aside from a junkyard of course? Anybody fab one up and have drawings/part #s/etc? What about something else that will bolt in? (or will with a little fabrication) Would using the stock PS pump and bracket provide enough pressure/flow? Should I pursue another avenue in terms of pumps etc?

Reason I ask is that it seems the Saginaw P type pumps are a beefier/beeter unit and I'm wondering if anyone ever put on on a 196. The engine runs pretty sweet and for the time being, I don't want to swap it out so don't even start with the smart ass V8 comments okay? :flipoff2:
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Stock SII 196 p/s bracket..

It had a Saginaw "teardrop" pump on it.

Nothing too complicated..
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robselina said:
I read most of belavista's article last night before posting. Great stuff. I think I have it figured out for the most part....

tsm1mt- thanks for the pictures. still got that bracket? I may bug you for some dimensions. want to sell it if you do?
I sold the motor to another Scout racer in Shelby.

I never did get around to taking measurements n' such like I had planned to..
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