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ghey. move to chit-chat. better yet just delete it.

I'm wanting a half ton and solid front axle.
Do you even know the difference between a half ton and a one ton? Why would you want a half ton to "wheel" with?

Anyone have some suggestions on what platform to use to start my project?
There basically the same just with different sheet metal and options. Not one is better then the other. That is unless it is a jeep and they just suck for a platform...

Anyone have a clue as to what years they started the IFS bullshit on the big 3?
Mabye search wikipeia. Mabye go down to the fucking parts store and look. maybe look on google images. Or you can waste everyones lives on here. BUt of course I am responding, so I am choosing to waste my life on your questions, for now.
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