Haven't been driving this beast in the last few years and will not be taking it with me when we move across the US. Hate to sell it but it needs to go.

Car trailer to haul it, comes with chains and binders. Brand new tires and brakes. New suspension in the last 3 years. Wiring checked and gone over. Bearings repacked. 7 wire plug and 2" hitch. Will sell with crawler for $6000 total.

Here are the specs:

Non op'd
1990 Chevy 1500 body and frame
Engine: Throttle body injected 350
Trans: manual Sm 465 (4spd granny gear)
Transfer cases: np203 coupled to a np205 triple sticked for front dig
Square front drive line, rear diff pinion guard
Diffs: front High pinion Dana 60 5.38 welded
Rear 14bolt welded 5.38
Leaf sprung 52" front 63" rear
Fully exo caged, not been rolled
35" TSL SX grooved
Rock lights

Should smog and be street legal. I left all the smog equipment on.

Need passenger front axle shafts. Or ready for chromo/rcv upgrade.

Craigslist ad:
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