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i got a new truck(actually it's used)it's a '94 S-10 with a new engine and rebuilt transmission(i know because i did the work to it); unfortunetely its only two wheel drive, but i call it my "parts go-getter". this means anything goes for the sammi. street legal?...yea, right. my plans are to take the body off of the frame this winter and set up my suspension. im thinkin about rear leafs up front and CJs(4 leafs) in the rear along with all new shackles(not quite sure which way to go..M/Ls?)and longer ranchos(9010s in front and 9012s in rear). by next spring it'll be the only one of its kind around here(although it all ready is, but it'll make it further ahead for around here) <IMG SRC="smilies/thefinger.gif" border="0">
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